I’m an adult, but not like a real adult.
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"I try and stay away from the internet! Stupidly, when we first started I looked up something on the internet and it was bad. So I’ve taken a step back. If there’s anything people are or aren’t happy with, you kind of end up finding out about it some way anyways."

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Steve Buscemi

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growth, decay, transformation 

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Tell me about filming Sesame Street. Yes, my favorite question! That was amazing. That really, truly was the height of joy for me, and I’d like to do it every day because working with Muppets is just amazing. I couldn’t even see the fantastic guy who was Murray. I was just looking at Murray and I felt like I was 5. - Lena Headey  

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200,863 plays 3005 (Acoustic Flow) Childish Gambino


I’ll be right by your side til’ 3005

Sophie couldn’t help it.

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The fact that most guys’ first response to a woman wanting equality is “SO CAN I HIT U NOW” is sort of terrifying
Like that’s the first thing you’re concerned about? I just want equal pay and you want to punch me in the face? Cool cool

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